High Quality PVC Card Hot Foil Stamping Machine

High Quality PVC Card Hot Foil Stamping Machine
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Item Specifics

Paper Feed ModeManual
Double-sided PrintingNo
Print Speed8ppm
Supports Network PrintingNo
Max Paper SizeOther
Interface TypeOther

Product Description

Hot Foil Stamping Machine, Gilding and Embossing Machine, Card Heat Press Machine

Hot stamping quality elements:

Gilding press machine mainly depends on temperature, pressure and hot stamping speed ,which effect each other. Therefore, to control the quality of gilding press machine , we should grasp well reasonable stamping temperature, hot stamping pressure and hot stamping speed. Such as creating good conditions, can eventually make hot stamping quality guaranteed.

Technical parameters:
1 Power Requires: 220V 50HZ
2 Heating plate size: 100 * 160mm
3 Workbench area: 280 * 250mm
4 Maximum pressure ≥ 800Kg
5Vertical stroke: 35mm
6 Feeding: mechanical transmission
7 Heating power: 800W
8 Stamping temperature range: room temperature 0-300 ° C
9 Weight: 15Kg
10 Dimensions: 370 * 440 * 460mm
1 Mechanical transmission, stability and flexibility.
2 The thermostats fever stable temperature.
3 Lever design, powerful pressure.
4 Stamping head height can be flexibly adjusted.
5 Workbench the longitudinal can pull.
6 Stamping head lift can be fine-tuned.
7 Mechanical transmission, feed, collection of paper and adjustable
Product Description:
The small size and light weight, suitable for hot stamping small area of products embossing, a wide range of uses.

It is a versatile small plane stamping and heat transfer printing, paper, leather, plastic, PVC, cosmetics, toys, gift boxes, household appliances and other products, stamping a variety of beautifully colored patterns.

Number Material

Stamping temperature

( °c )



paper 85-120


soft PVC 65-80


soft plastic 75-85


hard plastic 100-135
5 artificial leather, leather 75-85 100-135 °c
6 indentation temperature 120-150 leather
7 synthetic leather imitation leather 160-180

1.High quality assurance,3 times QC testing before ex-factory
2.responsible and thoughtful after-sale service
3.100% guarantee and 1:1 replacement for defecktive goods
4.Competitive prices,for larger quantity prices are consultable
5.Fast delivery

Environmental impact:
Machine should be installed in the dry and ventilated, light, convenient operation place.

General application category :

1.hot stamping technology is widely used in high-grade, elegant packaging decoration trademarks, calendar and book covers

2. from the general books cover, trademark design, advertisement, plastic products to daily provisions, from paper to leather, cotton, etc

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