New Stable Magnetic Levitation Module System DIY Maglev Bare system 600g Max 700g

Maglev Magnetic Levitation Module System DIY Maglev Bare System Air Source 600g
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as our Asia client , if you need the plug as china , we also have Russia , Australia .USA ,UK , South Korea,Japan , we both sent the Epacket ,it is very fast

If you need you can order this type , more stable , more powerful.choose the new type get this

the goods sent without the number in it , this picture is just we test

Just factory board price to go sales, 300 after the price increases.

The advantages of this circuit board:

1, the standard load-bearing 600g, spike bearing 400gAnd more stable.

2, low radiation, close to the market\'s latest generation of four movements, but the price is much less than other home.

Length, width and height:100*100*23mm

The power adapter:12v1A (0.2A operating current)

Bearing:600g (can be increased to about 700g), note that the stability will decrease with the increase of weight.

Board weight:Around 460g

No-load suspension height:2-2.5 cm

Maximum diameter of 5 cm.

There are 4 mounting holes, the diameter of 3mm, with thread.

Tip: buy the movement, I am not afraid of the price, I am not afraid to bear the weight of my home movement is 2 times more than others!

Reminder: cardboard in covering the surface of the circuit board with certain hardness of wood, need to be suspended in the debugging process, plastic board, prevent suspended after the failure, smashed the suspension magnet circuit board.

When you test it , the better use some buble packing , and the some paper on the base for protect the magnetic

when we test today , get on in sitution that work fine , then , the magnetic down ,and they you try again and again , still down .

no like this , if you try,try try , then broken , then dispute to seller

no, i have solve the problem , as cool the machine for about 3-6 Min

take off down

then use you hand touch the coil and the base , feel it not hot,and warm , then try , it works!!

other situation , the float down , then you try again , the float have a small magnetic,normally it is stick to big magnetic , if it is loose ,and not in the middle ,the float can not balance ,then you can not fly it

​make sure the power supply is our sent 12V 2A